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Commonly Asked Questions About Public Adjusting Answered!

What is the OPPAGA Report & What Does it Mean For Homeowners

The OPPAGA report is a report from the Florida Legislature’s investigative body, and the name is an acronym that stands for Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability. The stated goal of the OPPAGA office is to provide “data, evaluative research, and objective analyses to assist legislative budget and policy deliberations.” Essentially OPPAGA reports provide facts and data that are used by the State of Florida, Florida policymakers and public officials to save money, protect the public, and ensure accountability and fiscal responsibility.

To date, OPPAGA Reports on a variety of subjects have resulted in over 857 million dollars in savings to both the state of Florida and the general public. One of the most impactful OPPAGA reports the OPPAGA Report on Public Adjusters. The facts that the report revealed about homeowner’s insurance companies, property damage claims and public adjusting make clear that homeowners should hire a public adjuster to handle their property insurance claims.

On Average

$ 0000

With a Public Adjuster

On Average

$ 0000

Without a Public Adjuster

2010 OPPAGA Report On Public Adjusting

In 2010, the state of Florida OPPAGA office conducted an in-depth statewide examination of the insurance industry, and how the growing number of public adjusters were affecting property damage claims, insurance companies, and homeowners insurance claims in the state of Florida.  The OPPAGA Report found that:

  • In 2005 homeowners that submitted a claim on their own received $2,029 vs. an average claim of $17,187 when represented by a public adjuster. Using a public adjusting service, homeowners saw an average increase of 747% in their homeowner’s insurance payout.
  • The number of Public Adjusters has risen significantly
  • Incidents of complaints, fraud, regulatory actions, and other issues were extremely low.
  • Public Adjusters in the state of Florida must pass rigorous state-run licensing tests, permitting exams and carry extensive insurance policies.
  • Even though FL has the highest number of Public Adjusters per capita, the number of complaints is relatively flat. This means that even with tremendous year-over-year growth in total number of public adjusters, the total number of complaints has remained essentially the same.
  • “Public Adjusters are the only advocates that exclusively represent the policyholder.”
  • Insurance companies attempt to discourage homeowner’s from hiring public adjusters.

Overall the OPPAGA report found that using a public adjuster was beneficial as the industry is highly regulated with strict licensing and training standards in place. With homeowners seeing over 700% increase in their property damage claim payouts, can you afford not to use an expert public adjuster to represent you?

Are Public Adjusters Good or Bad?

Using a public adjuster to help you with your homeowner’s insurance claim is a decision that each person must make, but the financial implications can be staggering. The fact is that using a public adjusting firm can make a huge difference in the amount of money you receive for your property damage claim. You should hire Sentry Public Adjusting if you want:

In 2008

Policyholders who did not use a public adjuster lost more in claims.

Policyholders who used a public adjuster earned more in claims

  • Someone to handle every aspect of filing your property damage claim
  • Expert experience detailing every single aspect of your claim
  •  In depth understanding of construction repairs & costs
  • To get the full amount of money that your policy allows
  • Public Adjusters work for YOU not the insurance company
  • Hiring an attorney can cost you a significant amount of money upfront, hiring a public adjuster means you only have to pay a portion of the claim once you get paid
  • Insurance companies want to settle your claim for lowest amount possible

Do I Need A Public Adjuster?

If you’ve read the statistics above from the OPPAGA report on public adjusting, then the answer to “Should I hire a Public Adjuster” is fairly straightforward-yes! The reasons to use a public adjuster can vary but overall it means that you can both simplify the claims process, and make sure you’re receiving the maximum amount possible. Hiring a public adjuster is an easy decision if  you’re dealing with:

  • You feel that the insurance company is dragging their feet or giving you a lowball offer
  • If the insurance adjuster is missing major portions of your claim, or is coming back with a decision that you disagree with
  • Any claim on a homeowner’s insurance policy