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Commonly Asked Questions About Public Adjusting Answered!

Many insurance companies boast about their excellent coverage, outstanding customer service, and unparalleled claim compensation. If you put a little bit of research into any insurance company, you’ll see that it’s not always the case. We’ve worked with multiple big-name companies on behalf of our clients to advocate for them and to get them the coverage they were promised.

Sentry Public Adjusters understands that no one wants to have to fight an insurance company and try to mitigate the damages to their home while waiting for repairs. We pride ourselves in working with you – for you. Some of the major companies we’ve worked with have many stipulations and clauses that it’s easy to get lost in the wording and legalities of a policy.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Claims Policies

Located in South Florida, Florida Peninsula Insurance knows the details of a good Florida insurance policy. For example, they offer their own flood insurance coverage. Most companies will refer you to the National Flood Insurance Program. Although they offer a flood endorsement as an addendum to their homeowner’s policy to eliminate the need for a standalone policy, does it help if they breach their contract?

There are numerous instances when ligation has been taken against Florida Peninsula for breach of contract where they did not provide coverage to their customers. Denying a claim on solid ground is something that happens; for instance, maybe the damages are under the deductible amount. When coverage is just outright denied when all other obligations are being met, then we recommend seeking legal help so that you aren’t left with damaged homes and nowhere to turn.

It can be hard to prove a breach of contract if you don’t have experience in the insurance field because there is fine print in all contracts and agreements. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes, have Sentry Public Adjusters on your side to guide you through the claims process.

USAA Property Damage Claims Denial

USAA is another company that has been around for a long time and offers an array of products to military persons. While they have a long-standing business, the way they conduct business can sometimes be short of spectacular. USAA’s online reviews are filled with bad reviews from denied claims and poor treatment by their employees.

As reported by the customers, the claims have been denied for any number of reasons, leaving many to wonder what they are covered for, if not the self-proclaimed basic damages. If you claim has been denied by USAA call Sentry Public Adjusting today to see what we can do to give our military the support and help they need.

American Strategic Insurance (ASI)

American Strategic Insurance is part of the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, meaning they are part of a large corporation of insurance companies, this benefits them by being able to offer flood endorsements in homeowner’s policies. The downside to a company that offers so much is that your claim can bounce around and be handled by many different people. It may be hard to track someone down or to get the proper information.

Don’t get bogged down by the back-and-forth that comes with handling a homeowner’s insurance claim, let Sentry Public Adjusting take over for you.

Gulfstream Property & Casualty Insurance

Based in the southeast, Gulfstream Property & Casualty Insurance covers Alabama, Florida, Louisiana Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. While Floridians face some of the worst storms when it comes to hurricanes, there are many insured with Gulfstream. How does Gulfstream stand up to the storms?

Sentry Public Adjusting has experience in dealing with handling insurance claims that may be dragged out, or when you are given the runaround. Let us help you during this time; Sentry stands with Floridians.

St. John’s Insurance Company

St. John’s is another Florida based insurance company that offers homeowner’s insurance to Floridians, but at what cost? There have been many instances of having policies canceled due to roofing issues. If you are relying on your policy to cover your home and pay for it and that gets canceled where does that leave you? Don’t get caught off guard by a cancellation of your policy and unexpected storms. Make sure that you can retain your coverage and always be covered for your claims.

Sentry Public Adjusting knows the tactics used by insurance companies to deny coverage, or when they’re trying to lowball you. Don’t try to take on the battle of an insurance claim by yourself. Sentry Public Adjusting can assist you every step of the way.