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Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Vandalism Claims?

Waking up one morning or coming home from a vacation to suddenly discover your home has been vandalized or damaged is every homeowner’s nightmare. Most would assume that the homeowner’s insurance policy they’ve been faithfully paying each month would cover the damage, but unfortunately what is and isn’t covered under a vandalism claim can be fairly tricky to determine. In addition, many insurance companies will interpret policy rules and laws to find any loophole to make sure they don’t have to pay, or at best minimize the amount of damage they have to pay for. Answering the question of “does my homeowners insurance policy cover vandalism or property damage” isn’t as easy as checking your policy and calling the insurance company. Many times, basic homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover vandalism claims, unless you have specifically added it as a “named peril”.

Common Types of Vandalism Homeowners Can Deal With

Graffiti is by far the most prevalent form of property vandalism, accounting for 35% of cases according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. That being said, there’s a lot more than just spray paint to worry about when it comes to your home. You may be glad to have protection against vandalism on your homeowners insurance policy in case:

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  • Your outdoor lights or windows are broken
  • Your lawn, garden, or outbuildings are damaged
  • Your house exterior is egged, painted, covered in excrement, etc.
  • Your trees, bushes, shrubbery  are cut, burnt, or otherwise damaged by vandals.
  • Your home is burned
  • Your plumbing is tampered with
  • Your locks are glued
  • Your house gets toilet papered
  • Lawn ornaments or decorations are damaged or stolen

What To Do Immediately After Your Home is Vandalized

One of the most important things you can do after your home or residence is vandalized is call the police. While letting the justice system do what it’s designed to do is important, it’s vital that you have a police report documenting the vandalism incident. The police report will be the foundation upon which you’ll build your property damage claim. The police report should be as accurate as possible, and in the event that further damage is uncovered after you filed an initial report (for example your lawn was defaced and only after do you discover that your automated sprinkler system was destroyed as well), you can also file a supplemental police report.


Sentry Public Adjusters understands that dealing with vandalism damage is no easy feat; we know the stress and worry that come with the financial burdens and the plethora of paperwork involved with vandalism damage insurance claims. We understand that your family is focused on picking up the pieces experiencing vandalism damage to your home and property. We believe that you are entitled to have your property in the original condition, and we will do everything possible to make sure your property is restored to it’s original condition.

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