Roof Leak Damage

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Facts and Statistics About Roof Leaks

  • The age of your roof is the most common cause of roof leaks causing damage.
  • Damaged flashing is one of the other leading causes of roof leaks.
  • The slope of your roof is also a factor. If the slope is too shallow, wind can easily lift your shingles and allow rain to be driven underneath them causing a roof leak.
  • Frequent storms with heavy rain or wind such as a hurricane can remove shingles from your roof. If the damage isn’t fixed immediately, it can cause much more damage to your home than just being an eyesore.
  • Mold can start to grow from a small roof leak that you can’t detect. Even a minor leak can cause mold to fester in your home. Mold poses serious health risks to you and your family if left unmediated.

Sentry Public Adjusting knows the threat that a roof leak can pose to your home. Damage from roof leaks can range from an unsightly stain on your wall or ceiling, to deterioration of the framing of your home. Don’t leave your roof leak unattended, call Sentry Public Adjusting for help filing your claim with your insurance company. We will also do a FREE evaluation of the damages to your home or business.

Are Roof Leaks Covered in my Homeowner’s Insurance?

Roof leaks are often covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Florida does have a 25% Roof Replacement Rule in the Florida Building Code which makes it easier for Sentry to fight for your claim to be paid. This code makes it easier to file an insurance claim for your roof leak and helps if your entire roof needs to be replaced.

Coverages for Resulting Damages from Roof Leaks

If a specific event causes your roof to leak, the damage to your roof may be covered. If you have resulting mold or water damage because of it, your insurance company may not want to cover your resulting damages. This is why you need an experienced professional on your side. Some homeowner’s insurance policies have an anti-concurrent causation clause in them.

An anti-concurrency causation clause is typically stated similarly to β€œWe do not insure for such loss regardless of a) the cause of the excluded event: b) other causes of the loss: or c) whether other cause acted concurrently or in any sequence with the excluded event to produce the loss.” If an event causes extenuating damages, your insurance company may not want to pay for the resulting costs. We are experienced at navigating claims with policies that have this clause.

Why Choose Sentry Public Adjusters?

Sentry Public Adjusting knows the hassle and paperwork that accompanies filing a damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance company. We can take most of the weight off your shoulders and advocate for you to get the most compensation. We take getting your home back in the correct order personally.