Hurricane Michael Damage

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Hurricane Michael Facts

  • Hurricane Michael made landfall as a category 4 storm
  • Peak wind speeds were 155 mph
  • Hurricane Michael made landfall in Mexico Beach on the Florida coastline
  • Michael is the 3rd strongest hurricane to make landfall on the U.S mainland
  • Hurricane Michael is the only category four storm ever to hit the Florida panhandle
  • Michael left almost half a million people without power
  • 35 counties were in a state of emergency due to Hurricane Michael
  • Storm surges were predicted to be anywhere from 9 – 14 feet

Hurricanes are the most dangerous natural disasters that hit Florida; Hurricane Michael was no exception. Homes have been lost, and lives have been left in ruin from the storm. Let Sentry Public Adjusting help you to rebuild your home, and we can help you to get the most financial compensation from your homeowner’s insurance.

Areas Most Affected by Hurricane Michael

The Florida panhandle is a large area that is home to almost 1.5 million people and has a huge coastal stretch of almost 200 miles. Hurricane Michael made landfall in Mexico Beach, Florida, but the devastation did not stop there. Coastal towns and even inland cities are in ruins due to Hurricane Michael.

Mexico Beach, Florida Hurricane Michael Damage

Mexico Beach, Florida is where Hurricane Michael made landfall and destroyed homes, businesses and left absolute destruction in its wake. Cars are miles away from where they were, broken trees, and power outages are leaving its residents with minimal resources and nowhere to turn. Homes are inundated with water and destroyed by the debris carried by flood waters, and the storm surge. If you’re a Mexico Beach resident and have suffered damage to your home or business, Sentry Public Adjusting can help you to rebuild your home, business or property. We can help you and your family.

Panama City, Florida Hurricane Michael Damage

In the Panama City Marina, boats are dismantled and sustained damage from the debris in the water. There are downed trees, and houses with siding and walls missing from the high winds and buildings were left gutted, and countless homes were destroyed due to the large amounts of water that came into homes after sustaining wind damage that Hurricane Michael brought. The storm surge destroyed many homes along the coastline and ripped roofs off houses with its devastating winds that reached upwards of 130 mph. If you are a resident of Panama City, Florida or the Bay County area, Sentry Public Adjusting is here to help you assess the damage to your home and help you to restore your home to its former state. Don’t be left with nothing, let Sentry help you.

Tallahassee, Florida Hurricane Michael Damage

Even being an hour inland from where Hurricane Michael made landfall, Tallahassee, Florida sustained severe damages. Power outages are a major problem in Tallahassee leaving many of its residents without power and the number of downed trees, and power lines making it nearly impossible to leave. The wind damage is catastrophic in Tallahassee as the dangerous storm surges didn’t reach as far inland. If you are in Tallahassee, Florida and your home has sustained damages from Hurricane Michael, contact Sentry Public Adjusting we will do a FREE inspection of the damages to your home, business, and property. Sentry can help you.

Resources for the Panhandle After Hurricane Michael

With major power outages, debris blocking roadways and dangerous conditions in the aftermath of the flooding from Hurricane Michael, those who have stayed out of the storm are stuck. Residents who evacuated cannot access their homes, shelters are filling up, and resources can quickly run low. Some helpful sites can be visited to get vital information.

Emergency Resources:


  • Shelters in Bay County – Dean Bozeman High School – Special Needs shelter – Directions
  • Shelters in Bay County – Rutherford High School – General Shelter – Directions
  • Shelters in Gulf County – Honeyville Community Center – General Shelter – Directions
  • Shelters in Calhoun County – Blountstown High School – General Shelter – Directions
  • Shelters in Calhoun County – Altha Public School – General Shelter – Directions
  • Shelters in Liberty County – W R Tolar School – General Shelter – Directions
  • Shelters in Liberty County – Hosford School – General Shelter – Directions
  • Shelters in Jefferson County – Jefferson Somerset School – General Shelter – Directions

Road and Traffic Information

  • Road closures due to Hurricane Michael
  • Live feed of road conditions and accidents in Florida
  • Report and Track Power Outages

  • Report a power outage to the city of Tallahassee or call the City’s customer service number at 891-4968
  • Talquin power – can report outages, and track power outages.
  • Duke Energy – report and track power outages.
  • Panama City Non-Emergency phone number 850-872-3112
  • Leon County 2018 Disaster Survival Guide
  • Tallahassee Non-Emergency phone number 850-606-5800
  • Mexico Beach Non-Emergency phone number 850-648-4790