Flood Damage Claims

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Flood Damage Facts and Statistics

  • All 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods in the past 5 years.
  • From 2005 to 2014 the average flood claim was $42,000
  • Total flood insurance claims average more than $3.5 billion per year from 2005 โ€“ 2014
  • Even a few inches of flood water can cause thousands of dollars in damages.
  • In 2016, there was 2,855 claim reports for flooding in Florida.
  • Flash floods can bring walls of water 10-20 feet high.
  • A car can be taken away in a flood by as little as 2 feet of water.
  • Flood damage is not typically covered in homeownerโ€™s insurance; you must purchase additional flood insurance.
  • Contaminated flood waters from Hurricane Katrina caused the deaths of 5 people and required 22 people to have amputations.
  • Flood water can cause rashes and stomach viruses from exposure to contaminated waters.

What Does Your Flood Damage Insurance Cover?

Since flood damage insurance isnโ€™t included in many homeownerโ€™s insurance policies, how do you know what coverage you have from flooding? Flood insurance is often done through programs like the National Flood Insurance Program, or through another private insurance agency. Homeownerโ€™s insurance policies are very in-depth. Many questions come up during this process. Whatโ€™s considered flood damage? Whatโ€™s covered by water damage? If a hurricane causes it will I be covered? Sentry Public Adjusting knows how to read into your policy to get you the best payout possible to restore your home to its original state.

Important Things to Know About Flood Damage

Flood damage is so much more than just rain or ocean water invading areas that normally donโ€™t have water. Flooding can destroy a home or a business, even after the flood waters have subsided; mold is still a primary concern. Mold damage is just as dangerous and poses as much of a threat to you and your loved oneโ€™s health. Flood waters often contain sewage, pesticides and can carry animals such as snakes and alligators out of their normal territories. Flood waters can carry bacteria that can make you and your family extremely sick.

Mold exposure can cause a slew of health problems. If your home has been damaged by a flood and has a mold issue, contact Sentry Public Adjusting today to set up a FREE inspection. Mold mediation can only be done by a professional; Sentry Public Adjusting can point you in the right direction. Do not attempt to remove the mold from your home yourself, or submerge yourself in flood waters. Dealing with flood damage is a job for a professional as we have the proper equipment to handle it.

Why Choose Sentry Public Adjusting?

Sentry Public Adjusting knows the devastation and destruction that flood damage and mold damage can bring to your home. Dealing with damages to your home isnโ€™t an easy feat to accomplish. The financial burdens and piles of paperwork that come with a flood damage insurance claims are extensive. Sentry will advocate for you to ensure that you get the most compensation from your flood damage insurance claim. Let us help you reclaim your home.