Drain Line Damage

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Facts and Statistics About Drain Line Damage

  • Clogged pipes can cause your drain line pipes to leak.
  • The average cost of repairing a drain line break is $559 (this doesnโ€™t account for the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in damage it can do).
  • One of the biggest reasons for pipes leaking is corrosion, especially with cast-iron pipes in older homes.
  • Tree roots can also invade your pipes and cause damage.
  • Drain line damage can cause sewer line damage.
  • Food waste that doesnโ€™t break down, like grease and oil, can be extremely damaging to your pipes causing clogs that may back up your sewage system as well.
  • Your drain lines and sewer line work in tandem. 50% of overflows are connected to fat, oil and grease being poured down drains.

Sentry Public Adjusting has years of experience in helping homeownerโ€™s in South Florida get the most compensation for their drain line insurance claims. Whether youโ€™re dealing with a minimal amount of damage from your drain lines or an utter catastrophe, Sentry Public Adjusting is here to make sure that your home or business is protected against further water damages. Call and schedule a FREE inspection of your home and property today.

What does Your Homeownerโ€™s Insurance Policy Cover?

Depending on the severity of the damage to your home, the damage may fall under your flood insurance. Will your flood insurance cover damages from a flood thatโ€™s not a natural occurrence? Or will your homeownerโ€™s insurance consider the drain line damage as water damage and cover it? When answering these questions, there can be a vast amount of complicated hoops for a homeowner to jump through.

Important Things to Know About Drain Line Damage

There is a difference between a drain line and a sewer line, although many homeowners get the two confused since they do work similarly. A drain line runs from sinks, showers, washing machines, and other appliances carrying only excess water, while a sewer line carries wastewater and solid waste from your home. Both lines can clog and become damaged. It is much more likely that your drain line will become damaged than a sewer line. Either of these occurrences can allow water to get into places that it shouldnโ€™t, and it may cause mold damage.

Mold damage can be extremely detrimental to your health and your home. Do not attempt to remove or remediate the mold in your home; it can easily spread and cause you to become ill. Mold damage is something that should be handled by professionals as we have the training and equipment to handle it. If you believe that you have damage to your home from a drain line issue or have sustained mold damage because of drain line damage, call Sentry Public Adjusting today. Contact us for your FREE inspection and evaluation of the damages to your home or business.

Why Should you Choose Sentry Public Adjusting?

Sentry knows the frustration that comes with a damaged home, itโ€™s a stressful time and isnโ€™t an easy task to handle. When youโ€™re dealing with one or more insurance policies, the paperwork can become tedious and overwhelming. That is why the professional team at Sentry is ready to advocate for you to ensure that you get the highest payout for your drain line damage insurance claim. We want to help you restore your home.