Broken Pipes Damage

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Broken Pipe Facts and Statistics

  • 250 gallons of water can be lost in one day from a 1/8th of an inch crack in a pipe.
  • Blocked pipes are one of the most common causes of pipes breaking.
  • Old pipes can burst and cause extensive damage because it can cause more damage than just the single break in the pipe.
  • Irregular maintenance of pipes is also a point of failure that can cause broken pipes. If there is a problem and it isn’t addressed properly, it can lead to more damage in the future.
  • A leaking pipe can cause mold growth in the structure and cause extensive damage that goes unnoticed for some time.
  • Damage from mold due to a broken pipe may have to be covered in a separate insurance claim.
  • Excessive water pressure can also cause your pipes to erode and cause them to break.
  • Water damage claims have increased by 46% in the last 5 years in Florida.

Sentry Public Adjusting has an extensive history of dealing with water damage claims from varying sources. It doesn’t matter if it’s a denied water damage insurance claim, or a hefty mold damage claim from a broken pipe. Sentry Public Adjusting will help you get the most compensation for your water damage claim from broken pipes.

Understanding Your Water Damage Coverage

Most homeowners have a difficult time distinguishing what is specifically covered in their homeowner’s insurance policy and how to handle their water damage claim best. Water damage is often extensive and can cause many other cooccurring claims to be filed. Homeowner’s insurance agencies use legal jargon that can often be confusing.

Water Damage from Broken Pipes can Cause Mold

When a pipe bursts, the damage it causes can usually be seen immediately. The water can damage everything that it touches. While the mess can typically be cleaned, once certain household materials (such as drywall) become wet, they can start to grow mold.

Mold can cause serious health concerns in your home or business. The CDC conducted a study on the effects that mold can have on a household. The results are startling. Mold cannot be completely removed as it is naturally occurring, but even attempting to clean the mold can put you at risk if you aren’t using the safest methods.

You need a professional to handle water damage and mold damage, especially when it comes to pipes. Depending on where the water is coming from, it can be contaminated. There are different levels of water contamination, but all should be left to professionals. Sentry Public Adjusting is here to walk you through the water damage claims process.

Why Choose Sentry Public Adjusters?

Sentry Public Adjusters understands that it’s not easy to deal with home or business damages. The stress and worry that accompanies the financial burden and extensive paperwork that come with water damage claims is something we want to take off your plate. Sentry will advocate for you to make sure you get the most compensation from your water damage claim. Let us help you return your home or business to its original state of beauty. Don’t let a water damage claim dampen your life.